Webinar: Impact of Creatine on Muscle Function and Bone Health

December 14, 2023


8:00 PM (EST)

Creatine is a popular dietary supplement and very popular amongst athletes and exercising individuals for improving muscle mass, performance and recovery. However, despite over 500 peer-refereed publications involving creatine supplementation, many questions still remain regarding its efficacy and safety.

This webinar will discuss emerging evidence that creatine can have a therapeutic impact on muscle function, brain, and bone health. It will also highlight key mechanisms, current emerging research, and common questions and misconceptions about creatine.

Speaker: Scott Forbes

Dr. Scott Forbes is an associate professor in the department of Physical Education Studies at Brandon University. Dr. Forbes is a scientific advisor and certified sport nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), and a clinical exercise physiologist and high-performance specialist through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). Dr. Forbes has published over 120 peer-reviewed manuscripts and 5 book chapters. His research examines various nutritional (e.g., creatine and protein) and exercise interventions to enhance muscle, bone, and brain.

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