Course Providers

One of CATA’s main objectives is to provide relevant courses for Athletic Therapists, which are required to obtain continuing education units (CEUs) as part of their certification maintenance.
Course Submission Process
  1. Complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. NOTE: When completing this form, please ensure the name of the provider is spelled correctly. Failure to do this will delay your request.
  3. If you are attaching a document with your submission, this document will be released with your course.
  4. Once we receive information on your course, it will be reviewed, approved and assigned CEUs.
  5. There is a cost to submit a course for review. The yearly (Jan 1st - Dec 31st) cost for your initial course is $175.
  6. The cost to review subsequent courses (offered in the same calendar year) is $90 per course. If the exact same course, which has already been approve, is submitted with different dates, locations or times, it will be processed at no additional cost.
  7. One submission can be used for a single course, which has multiple locations, dates, and times during the calendar year; however, you must include all the details pertaining to the course, including all locations, dates, times, and instructors.
  8. Please allow seven to fifteen business days for approval.
  9. Once your course is approved, you will get an email with payment instructions.
  10. Once payment is processed, your course will be included in a weekly circulation to our membership and listed in CATA’s course calendar, which is located in our member’s section.
  11. PLEASE check your junk or spam folder for invoices and communications
  12. An unpaid course will not be released.
CATA Logo Use
If you’d like to use the CATA logo in conjunction with your course, please send an email to
Approval Procedure for Logo Use
  1. Have a professional mock-up of the logo, showing intended use. Hand-drawn designs will not be accepted.
  2. Complete approval form.
  3. Email form to Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.
  4. Random audits of related websites are conducted regularly and misuse of CATA’s logo may be subject to fines/penalties.

(if you have any questions or comments regarding your course submission, please list them here and we will get back to you shortly):