2024 Award Merit Award Winner Lifesaving Acts

Kelsie Stunden

In January 2024, Kelsie was covering volleyball practice at Niagara College when she was called up to the gym where a young man had collapsed. Being a true First Responder, Kelsie quickly assessed the man and determined he was pulseless, asked a student attendant to call 911 and started CPR. She asked another student attendant for an AED. By the time the paramedics arrived, the young man was stable due to Kelsie's quick and heroic actions.  Kelsie said she literally went into "emerge mode" and on auto pilot. She was told the defibrillator was what saved him, which as anyone can imagine, created an emotional moment. Being a true Athletic Therapist who is responsible for many, Kelsie had a little time to herself after saving this young man's life and then was back in the clinic treating the volleyball athletes.

Nicole Smith

In July 2023, Nicole was watching her fiancé’s recreational men’s senior hockey game at the Canlan arena in Winnipeg when one of the players unexpectedly left the ice, went to the dressing room, took off the top half of their equipment, and returned to watch the game. When the player collapsed on the side of the rink, Nicole was waved down from the viewing area and she immediately took action. She assessed their ABCs and identified they had gone into cardiac arrest so she initiated CPR. A by-stander had already activated 911 and Nicole asked him to search for an AED, but it was locked in a room and not accessible. Once a staff member unlocked the room, Nicole accessed the AED and identified that it had faulty pads and would not work. Thankfully, a second AED was found and she administered two shocks. When the initial paramedics arrived, Nicole was requested to continue compressions until additional paramedics and fire fighters arrived to take over. A rhythm was achieved and the patient was transported to the hospital.