Michele Liew



1. Why did you pursue athletic therapy as your career?

Growing up playing competitive sports in Malaysia, we didn’t have any sports injury management protocols or personnel which resulted in many of us not having the appropriate care and rehab after injury and I chose AT because I wanted to help athletes achieve their goal in life without having re-injuries that forces them to retire.


2. What is your most memorable moment in regard to athletic therapy?

I think it’s the first exposure to athletic therapy, as it was very different than what I have been used to and learning the scientific names of conditions with how they presented related to me of the injuries I have seen growing up but were not properly diagnosed.


3. Who are your biggest mentors and what impact have they had on you?

I would say my biggest mentors are my supervisors during my internship at IMG Academy in Florida, they allowed me to work directly with elite and professional athletes as a student and encouraged me to trust my instinct with my decision. As long as I am able to explain why I made my decision and how that will affect the treatment outcome, they were always there to help and support me.


4. What is the most valuable advice you have received during your career?

I think the most valuable advice I have ever received is to trust myself and hold my stance to what is right, in a lot of situations with conflicts with coaches, I always hold my stance in protecting the athletes and making sure the best interest is in their health and not the outcome of the games.


5. What advice would you give to young athletic therapist starting out their profession?

I would say to find your passion within the profession and know what you like and what is your specialty, that separates you from everyone else and you will enjoy doing what you do.


6.  What do you love most about being an AT?

I enjoy the variability of day to day, seeing different patients with different conditions and the ability to help people feel better.


7. What is the worst patient injury you have ever experienced and what did you do to treat it?

One of the worst patient injury I have ever experienced would be a complete rupture of ACL, MCL, PCL in a football running back. It was a long process of rehab post surgery, but it was a great learning experience to get him back on his feet doing what he love.


8. How do you promote the profession of Athletic Therapy?

I explain to my patients and educate them about Athletic Therapy as well as promoting AT and what we do through social media on a regular basis.