February 15, 2023

Ontario Winter Games

First hosted in 1970 by the City of Etobicoke, the Ontario Winter Games have since been held every other year and attract as many as 3,000 participants competing in over 20 sports. The event is seven days taking place over two consecutive weekends and hosts athletes aged 12-18 from all over the province. These athletes require support from medical professionals such as Certified Athletic Therapists.

Victoria Cleary, CAT(C) is the Head Athletic Therapist for the Ontario Winter Games this year. A Certified Athletic Therapist for 18 years, she gained a wide variety of experience by running her own clinic in Petawawa, ON. She has worked with many different professions like the military and farmers and has also worked with Wrestling Canada for many years with both the male and female teams. Her knowledge of sports medicine allows her to be a first responder when emergencies occur.

For other Certified Athletic Therapists participating in events, Victoria recommends going to the venue early and familiarizing yourself with the area and what you have available to you. Introducing yourself to the security team can help you move around the venue easily. It’s also helpful to run scenarios for incidents that could possibly occur and be prepared for anything. As an Certified Athletic Therapist, you are a first responder when something happens to an athlete and it is important to be ready for anything. This includes making an assessment and telling the athlete whether they need to go to an emergency room.

The Winter Games are a chance to showcase the incredible work Certified Athletic Therapists do when working with athletes, and how they work in collaboration with allied health care professionals such as chiropractors and physiotherapists. Victoria wants other Certified Athletic Therapists to keep in mind that they are not in competition with these allied health care professionals— working in harmony allows everyone to provide the best care to the athletes.

The Ontario Winter Games is one of many opportunities to bring Certified Athletic Therapists from all over Ontario and beyond together and show people what they do and how they contribute to the wellbeing of athletes as well as anyone who moves their body.

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