June 15, 2022

Join us to celebrate athletic therapy month!

June is Athletic Therapy Month, a special time where we celebrate our members and the wide range of support they provide their clients. Dedicated to providing elite level care for patients of all activities levels, our members’ passion is the reason behind CATA’s success. We are thrilled to celebrate athletic therapy month to bring awareness for athletic therapists all over the country!

New this Month!

Athletic Therapy Month kicks off many new things for CATA. On June 1st, we welcomed our new Board of Directors to serve their terms and open the doors for new ways for us all to grow. This Board, including Fayez Abdulrahman as President, Loriann Hynes as Vice-President, Jamie Johnson as Secretary, Dennis Valdez as Treasurer and Directors Schad Richea, Marc Morissette and Kirsten Kidd, is the driving force of strategy and vision for our organization.

We also celebrate the start of a new volunteer term in June. From contributing to programs, being involved in developing the athletic therapy community, or sharing their voice, our volunteers do incredible work to advance the profession. We would not achieve all our goals without the help of our volunteers. Thank you all!

We also hold our National Certification exam in June, providing candidates the opportunity to take the final step towards becoming a Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT(C)). Every year, we are thrilled to see new members joining our organization, especially during our month of athletic therapy awareness! It’s an incredible opportunity for us all to recommit to education, advocacy, and providing elite level care for anyone who needs it.

CATA’s success

In the past year, CATA has spent time growing and developing our programs and association benefits to better serve our community, and in turn, enable athletic therapists to help their clients more effectively. We are always so excited to see our vision come to life as new members join us.

We have also expanded by accrediting our ninth institution in Canada — welcome to Acadia University! With more opportunities to study across the country, we hope more students will choose to study athletic therapy education and join this rewarding profession! Providing quality education from coast to coast will help to make it easier for interested clients to find an athletic therapist — and we can’t wait to welcome more candidates as CAT(C)s! Check out the full list of accredited institutions to help promote these programs and encourage more students to study athletic therapy.

Supporting Members

As our members provide clients with the best care and expertise to achieve top physical performance, we provide our members with the tools to learn and develop their practice. Here are some of the supports we offer CATA members:

  • We help our members find the job that best suits their experience and interests through our updated, athletic therapy-specific job board.
  • All of our members have passed extensive certification requirements, and they continue to be supported by CATA program offerings for deepening their knowledge and practice.
  • We advocate for standards and ethics for the profession to ensure Canadians can access the best possible care.
  • We encourage our certified athletic therapists to stay up-to-date on current trends by offering education courses and workshops throughout the year.
  • We provide athletic therapy-focused professional insurance at reduced rates including liability, business/clinic, modalities, legal, cyber plus pro-bono legal phone support service. We also offer preferred rate home and auto insurance.

These are just a few of the ways we support our members, and we are constantly looking for new ways to help CAT(C)s save and grow their practice. We are committed to ensuring that our members have everything they need to perform their job at the highest level.

Being a CAT(C)

A certified athletic therapist practices injury assessment and rehabilitation for professional athletes, everyday active Canadians, and clients from all walks of life — and can even act as a first responder at sporting events. With the opportunity to take athletic therapy nearly anywhere, it’s no wonder CAT(C)s love what they do!

One of our members, Stewart Munroe, CAT(C), works with patients of all ages and different activity levels. A CAT(C) for over 20 years, Stewart has been able to help his clients with the support he received from CATA.

“I graduated in 1999 and in those years CATA has been very supportive of me. Anytime I had an issue or a question or wanted to know how to do something, I have always been able to reach out to the head office and rely on them to get quick answers,” Stewart shared with us. “With CATA, athletic therapists are constantly picking up new ways of doing business by connecting with peers.”

CAT(C)s are constantly learning new skills and gaining new experiences to become and remain experts in their field. Through the support of CATA, CAT(C)s provide their patients with care that meets the highest of standards.

Education for everyone

At CATA, we are dedicated to educating both our members and their clients. Athletic Therapy Month is the perfect time to educate people about the importance of athletic therapy and how it can help! To celebrate, we’re thrilled to launch CATA’s webinar series. Check out our social channels to sign up for the first installment!

Athletic Therapy Month is a great time to learn more about athletic therapy and how this elite-level care can support you in your pursuit of rehabilitation, recovery or reconditioning. Remember: your car receives regular maintenance from a trained expert, just like a sports car would. So take the jump to get quality, professional care for your physical health to run at your top performance.

If you are interested in discovering the benefits of athletic therapy - visit our website to find the right athletic therapist and ways to reach out! Make sure to stay up to date with CATA by following us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as we continue to celebrate athletic therapy month!