International Certification


The following is important information for students enrolled in CAATE-accredited institutions in the United Stated and accredited institutions in Ireland.

As announced on October 1, 2019 the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association is withdrawing from the Mutual Recognition Agreement with the Board of Certification (BOC - USA) and Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland (ARTI), effective November 29, 2019. 

Based on feedback since October 1, CATA is introducing a grandfathering option. Please see below:

Students currently enrolled in Accredited Institutions

Individuals currently enrolled in CAATE-accredited institutions in the United States or accredited institutions in Ireland as of October 1, 2019 are eligible to attempt the CATA National Certification Exam within 3 years of graduating from the program, provided all other requirements are met, including submitting:

  • Proof of full-time enrollment, prior to October 1, 2019, at a CAATE accredited institution in the U.S. or an accredited institution in Ireland;
  • Proof of certification in good standing with the Board of Certification (BOC) or Athletic Therapy, Rehabilitation, Ireland (ARTI)
  • Official transcripts
  • Proof of current First Aid and Basic Life Support, or First Responder
  • Copy of registration (federal and state), if applicable
  • Applicable registration fee

Current ATC or ARTI Certified Individuals:

Individuals currently holding the ATC or ARTI credential and wishing to challenge the CATA National Certification Exam have until November 29, 2019 to apply for and be approved as a CATA Temporary International Candidate.  ‘Approved’ by November 29, 2019 means that you have submitted all documentation and fulfilled all necessary requirements prior to the deadline.  Once approved, you will be a Temporary International Candidate and will have 12 months from the date of approval to attempt the CATA National Certification Exam.


For further information regarding Canadian Immigration regulations, please go to:

The information below is provided as a service to Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC), Certified Athletic Therapists (CAT(C)) and Certified Athletic Rehabilitation Therapists (ARTI) to assist with the process involved in the CATA/BOC/ARTI Mutual Recognition Agreement.

The World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy (WFATT) also provides information on international opportunities, resources, and global recognition standards.

Certified Athletic Therapists (CAT(C)s):

In order to qualify as a candidate for the BOC/ARTI certification exams, a Certified Athletic Therapist’s certification must be confirmed on the BOC/ARTI exam application by an official from the CATA.

For instructions on how to complete the BOC exam application as a CATA Certified Athletic Therapist, see Easy Steps for Online Exam Application Approval on the BOC's website (

For instructions on how to complete the ARTI exam application as a CATA Certified Athletic Therapist, see   

If you have any questions concerning this process please contact the CATA National Office, the BOC or ARTI.

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) or Certified Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist (ARTI)

The Frequently Asked Questions section below is provided for your convenience.

CATA Temporary International Membership Application



1. How do I qualify to write the CATA exam as a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer or an ARTI Certified Athletic Therapist?
Currently, in order to attempt the CATA Certification Exam as a Temporary International Candidate (TIC), you must be in good standing with the BOC as an ATC, or ARTI as a CAT, and with the CATA as a TIC. Additionally, at the time of application, you are required to carry valid First Responder (or equivalent) certification that has an expiry date past the date of the examination, and through a nationally-based provider (such as the American Red Cross). Please note that all First Responder courses are not considered equivalent. For a list of approved courses, please contact the CATA National Office.

2. Do I need to have graduated from an accredited degree-granting program or do previous internship programs qualify?
Yes, you need to have graduated from an accredited degree granting program.  Internship programs do not qualify for this mutual recognition agreement.

3. Do I need to be a member of the CATA before I apply to do the exam? What are the fees?
Yes, you must be a member of the CATA before you can attempt certification. The CATA Temporary International Membership Application is found at the top of this section.  Yes, there is a registration fee to become a member of the CATA.  Please contact the CATA National Office for more information regarding application fees.

4. Is there a timeline during which time I must write the exam once I become a member?
Yes, there is a timeline for certification. You have one year to attempt the exam after being accepted as a member of the CATA. 

5. Is there a limit on the number of times I can attempt the exam?
There are no limits to the number of times you can attempt the certification exam. However, you must also re-attempt the exam within two years. CATA recommends that TICs contact and obtain guidance from the International Candidate Liaison prior to attempting the National Certification Exam:

6. Where and when can I write the exams?
Currently, the CATA Certification Exam is held twice per year at five locations across Canada. The exam schedule, including location, exam dates and application deadline dates, is posted here.

7. Can I write the written exam in my home country?
The written exam must be proctored by a Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT(C)) who has maintained status with the CATA. If there is such an individual in your home state that is available and willing to proctor the exam on the scheduled date and time, you may be able to write the exam at that location.

8. Am I automatically allowed to work in Canada once I become certified with the CATA?
Certification with the CATA does not infer any legal or immigration status as per your eligibility to work in Canada. If you are not a Canadian citizen, this becomes a matter for the federal government. If you are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, your certification status permits you practice in Canada, assuming you are legally allowed to work in Canada.

9. How do I apply to write the CATA national certification exam?
You must first become a member of the CATA. Upon approval of membership, and once the exam portal opens, you will be notified by e-message to your member profile page with details on how to apply for the exam. 
1) Go to the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association website at
2) Log in to you member profile using your CATA login name and password.
3) Under "My Member Profile”, choose "Certification".
4) Click the "Submit Exam Application" link on the right hand side.
5) Choose the location and date of the examination you are applying for from the drop-down list. You will be notified of any criteria for application that you have not met, if applicable. Any criteria not met must be rectified before you will be allowed to write the exam.
6) Fill in any special requests you may have in the box provided. Requests must be made at the time of application to be considered.
7) The total payment required for the examination is displayed. Choose a payment method:
        a) Online Payment - Complete the required information to pay for using a credit card.
        b) Certified Cheque or Money Order - Mail payment to the CATA National Office.
*All exam communication is done via e-message to your members profile page so please review your messages for information.

For further information regarding the application process and requirements, please refer to the CATA National Certification Examination Handbook available on the CATA website.

10. Once I am certified how do I maintain my certification in both countries at the same time?
In order to maintain status you are required to fulfill the certification maintenance requirements of CATA including obtaining continuing education units (CEUs). CEUs are required annually but reported every three years, along with current and adequate professional liability insurance, and BLS certification Some if not all of your CEUs could be applied to more than one association simultaneously.

Contact Jennifer Martins, CATA’s International Candidate Liaison, at: