What We Do

The Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) is the national governing body for Certified Athletic Therapists practicing in Canada. Established in 1965, we now represent over 2,000 certified and candidate members. CATA is dedicated to the promotion and growth of Athletic Therapy through advocacy, education, and research. Leaders in the field of sports medicine, CATA’s certified members are highly educated professionals that provide high-level, expert paramedical services to Canadians suffering from orthopedic injuries, no matter their level of activity.

Working closely with CATA, there are seven regional Athletic Therapist association chapters: British Columbia (ATABC), Alberta (AATA), Manitoba (MATA), Saskatchewan (SATA), Ontario (OATA), Quebec (CTSQ), and Atlantic Canada (APATA). The regional chapters provide support to the community and local members, such as professional opportunities, advocacy, and AT services.



CATA, initially called the Canadian Athletic Trainers Association, was founded in 1965 by a small group of athletic trainers working for professional hockey and football teams who recognized the need to build their skills in the prevention and management of sport injuries. In 1975, the association changed its name to its present title and, ever since, CATA has been at the forefront of the Canadian Sport Medicine community, working with professional teams (NFL, NHL, NBA, CFL) and Canada’s elite olympic and national team athletes. In the last decade, athletic therapists have opened their specialty to preventing and rehabilitating the injuries of Canadians at all levels of activity. Our results have been tremendous in decreasing treatment time and length of injury.