April 4, 2023 – Safe Sport in Canada Shifting Sport Culture for the Better

Join Allison Forsyth for a real conversation on Safe Sport and the steps that need to be taken to prevent and manage abuse in sport. She will share her own experience in the Canadian sport system and provide perspectives on different forms of maltreatment, how to minimize environmental and cultural risks, and the gaps every organization must be aware of.


May 3, 2023 - Athletes, Opioids, and the Athletic Therapist

Jacqueline Vandertuin and Dalya Abdulla will provide an overview of opioids specifically relating to athletes, discuss how Athletic Therapists can help athletes, and explore future directions on athletes and opioids.


June 22, 2023 - Exertional Heat Illness and Thermal Physiology.

Dr. William Adams will discuss current heat related illnesses epidemiology in sport, military and occupational settings. Risk factors affecting thermoregulation and evidence-supported prevention strategies, proper management and care of exertional heat stroke, and current best practices associated with recognition, assessment, treatment, will also be covered.