Hall of Fame 

The Hall of Fame Award acknowledges years of selfless dedication to the profession of athletic therapy.


Dr. Mark Lafave

Year Certified: 1992

Year Inducted: 2019

Professional Affiliation: Mount Royal University

Career Highlight: Was part of the first group at Mount Royal University to achieve the rank of Full Professor in 2012.

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Douglas C. Freer

Year Certified: 1977

Year Inducted: 2020

Professional Affiliation: Doug Freer and Associates

Career Highlight: Instead of a highlight, Mr. Freer would like to share a piece of advice with all new grads and Certified members; never stop learning. What has made this profession so great is the dedication and sharing of knowledge of members. One must learn enough knowledge that s/he can say with confidence, “I don’t know, but I will find out.”

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Member Emeritus Award

This award recognizes the prior contributions of a member that may still be contributing to the fields of athletic therapy or sports medicine, but who is no longer actively engaged in the day-to-day work of an athletic therapist (as defined in the Association Scope of Practice) due to retirement from active employment or a shift in career focus.



Lynn Bookalam

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Cindy Hughes

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Karen A. Holland

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Distinguished Athletic Therapy Educator Award

This award is presented to an association member in recognition of truly distinguished contributions to athletic therapy. Recipients of this award are exemplary educators in the athletic therapy realm, not only in traditional forums and teaching settings but have demonstrated leadership in community, national, or international education, involved in original research publication, and/or innovative teaching delivery or curriculum development.


Dr. Geoffrey Dover

Concordia University

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“Dr. Dover is passionate about the education of our students.... From when they first get here through to their graduation, and into the Master’s program for those that choose this route. He takes pride in helping the students achieve their goals.”
- Dr. Richard DeMont,
Athletic Therapy Program Director, Concordia University

“Dr. Dover has been a true mentor for me over the past 4 years. He has taught me much more than statistical analyses and scientific writing principles. Numerous times he has helped me define my life and professional goals, both on short and long terms.”
- Stephanie DiLemme, CAT(C), Graduate Student

Merit Awards

This award recognizes members that have, through their actions, saved a life, prevented a serious accident or performed an outstanding emergency service.


Chris Trivieri

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Chris' life-saving actions


Mackenzie Gillespie-Tracey

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Savannah Blakley

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Rising Star Award

This award acknowledges newly-certified members that are making an outstanding impact on our profession through volunteering and/or raising awareness of the athletic therapy profession


Sarah Campanico

Annual Scholarship Award

This award is given annually to a certification candidate to recognize athletic therapy skills, academic success, and potential leadership and commitment to the profession of athletic therapy.


Nathaniel K. Simon

George Borden Goodwill Exchange Bursary

The George Borden Goodwill Exchange Bursary is supported by Mr. George Borden retired Athletic Trainer and long-time friend of the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association. The bursary is made available on an annual basis to CATA certified members or certification candidates travelling outside of Canada for the expressed purpose of collaborating with and/or learning from other professionals in sport medicine.


Sarah Bohunicky

CATA Student Leadership Awards

This award is designed to honour certification candidates of athletic therapy enrolled in a CATA accredited institution who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills both in the classroom and in the community.

Camosun College


Amelia Ng

Mount Royal University


Jenna Rauch

University of Manitoba


Evan Fehr

University of Winnipeg


Mia Prenovault

Sheridan College


Dana Renfrew

York University


Cathy Salvo

Concordia University


Clara Soligon

L'Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières


Eloi Grenier St-Amour

Review Article Writing Award

Consists of a paper reviewing research related to a specific topic that is pertinent to members of the athletic therapy community. The review paper will provide an overall education of the particular topic and must be appropriate to the field of athletic therapy.

Certification Candidate


Steven Lam

“Review of Tart Cherry Supplementation in Improving Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage and Enhancing Recovery for Athletes.”


Dr. Laurie-Ann Corbin-Berrigan

“The use of electroencephalography as an informative tool in assisting early clinical management after sport-related concussion: a systematic review”

Research Article Writing Award

This award consists of original research, which has been conducted but has not been previously published or is not currently accepted for publication.

Certification Candidate

Joshua Belletti

“Significance between Footwear Age and Injuries to the Lower Limb in University Female Rugby Athletes”

Certified Co-Authors

Dr. Colin King

Dr. Loriann Hynes

“An Exploration of Concussion Assessment and Management Knowledge in a Sample of Athletic Therapy Students”

Research Grant

This grant is presented annually to a Certified Member who wishes to pursue research in a topic area that will have direct benefit to the field of athletic therapy.


Dr. Nicole Chimera

“Can self-myofascial release to the triceps surae muscle improve ankle dorsiflexion and functional hop test performance?”

Volunteer Appreciation Awards

The Volunteer Appreciation Award recognizes individuals who have dedicated their time and energy to the Association by serving on one of the Association Committees.

Board of Directors

Kathlyn Hossack
Diane Dleikan
Michael Robinson
Dennis Valdez

Program Accreditation Committee

Colin King

Canadian Board of Certification for Athletic Therapy

Jacqueline Schwantz
Catherine Blanchette
Claudine Parodi
Caitlin Richards
Megan Pomarensky
Kristen Bolliger
Kristina Milligan
Caitlin Pelleck
Nancy Spence

Marketing, Sponsorship & Insurance Committee

Daniele Gervais
Erin Maclean
Jessica Price
Amanda Stockley-Halls


Jason Mihalik

Education and Research Foundation

Janie Cournoyer

Education Committee

Johanna Hurtubise
Christopher Jackson

Ethics Committee

Lynn Kathy Bookalam
Melanie Evens
Glenn Burke
Katrina Lambert

Member Services Committee

Kelsie Stunden
Mallory Black

High Performance Providers Committee

Nadine Smith
Alicia Crelinsten

International Relations Committee

Glen Bergeron
Jennifer Martins

Long Time Member Recognition Awards

The Long Member Recognition Award recognizes members for completing 25 years of Certification with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association.

Justine Beattie
Dan Chagnon
Isabel Grondin
Deanna Hansen
Andrew Laskoski
Katharine Love
Gianni Mariani
Heather McCaillancourt
Cheryl Nix
Tracey Nyczai
Stephane Paquette
Scott Shannon
Ira Mattew Snytte
Jacqueline Vandertuin
Gordon Watt
Khatija Westbrook

Congratulations to all 2020 Award Recipients!