Careers in Athletic Therapy

Highly trained and versatile, Certified Athletic Therapists can be found in environments such as:

  • Private sports medicine and therapy clinics
  • Professional sports, such as the NHL, CFL, NBA, MLB
  • Elite games, such as the Olympics, Pan Am, Canada Games
  • Teaching or research at universities and colleges
  • High school, amateur and varsity athletics
  • Professional dance companies
  • Sales and marketing for performance and rehabilitation brands
  • Municipal government and industrial workplaces
  • Insurance industry



Athletic Therapy sort of found me in a way.  In 1983 I wanted to go to university, actually, I had wanted to go to community college for radio and television arts, and my father nixed that idea!  

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I was training for my second Canada Summer Games as a field hockey athlete and wanted to address some lingering injuries. I saw a sign for athletic therapy while waiting for my initial assessment with a physio. Made sense for me to go to an athletic therapist as opposed to a physio since I was an athlete and I needed to address my chronic injuries.

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Growing up playing competitive sports in Malaysia, we didn’t have any sports injury management protocols or personnel which resulted in many of us not having the appropriate care and rehab after injury and I chose AT because I wanted to help athletes achieve their goal in life without having re-injuries that forces them to retire.

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Like many of us, I have always been passionate about sport. When it came time to think about “what do you want to do with your life” I began searching for different medical/sport related professions.

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