Careers in Athletic Therapy

Highly trained and versatile, Certified Athletic Therapists can be found in environments such as:

  • Private sports medicine and therapy clinics
  • Professional sports, such as the NHL, CFL, NBA, MLB
  • Elite games, such as the Olympics, Pan Am, Canada Games
  • Teaching or research at universities and colleges
  • High school, amateur and varsity athletics
  • Professional dance companies
  • Sales and marketing for performance and rehabilitation brands
  • Municipal government and industrial workplaces
  • Insurance industry



During my first semester at the University of Guelph I was walking around campus and got lost. I ended up at the AT clinic at the football stadium and met Gunner.  

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I originally wanted to be a sport medicine physician ​but after babysitting for a couple who were both doctors, I decided to go in another direction. 

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Raised in Burlington, Erin completed her high school diploma at Notre Dame Secondary school. She graduated in 2000 from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology. 

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Stewart graduated from Acadia University in 1995 with his Bachelor of Science. He then went on to Sheridan College to study Athletic Therapy graduating with honors in 1999.  

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